Welcome to the Betsy DuBois Talent Agency

A Special Announcement

It is with much excitement that The Betsy Dubois Agency and Piccadilly Arts announce a merger of agencies and rosters starting January 1, 2012. Both agencies represent a roster of family and education focused performing artists.

Starting this fall, you will see both names and logos and both Chrissie and Betsy at the exhibit booth. We look to provide more service and a broader offering of high quality artists, more choices and more service.

As of July 1, 2012, Betsy DuBois will retire and the Betsy DuBois Talent Agency and its roster of artists will officially become Piccadilly Arts. Piccadilly Arts will see through all contracted dates that occur after July 1, 2012. Piccadilly Arts currently represents four imaginative theater and dance companies: Do Jump! Extremely Physical Theatre (Portland, OR), Treehouse Shakers (New York, NY), VonOrthal Puppets (Chicago, IL), and Zany Umbrella Circus (Pittsburgh, PA). The Betsy DuBois Agency represents eight theater, dance and music artists: Alex the Jester, Ball in the House, Catskill Puppet Theater, de Stilte dance Company for Youth, Leland Faulkner, Lyle Cogen, Robert Post, and ShaeLaurel. A final list of artists for the remainder of 12/13 and beyond will be available by January 1, 2012.

About Betsy -- After more than 25 years as a presenter, board member, agent and volunteer in the business of arts in education and family programming, I have decided to pursue other interests. In planning an exit strategy, I looked around for a smart, enthusiastic and ethical partner and VOILA! – There was Chrissie. After spending much of the summer in detailed discussions on our vision for the future, worth ethics and dedication to the field, it became clear that we were headed in the same direction. This move is a win-win for everyone and I could not be happier with the upcoming merger.

About Chrissie – I truly enjoy this industry and working with both artists and programmers. I was excited to start my agency 18 months ago and be a voice for the family and education programming niche – It’s my personal mission to educate family audiences and educators about quality programming and how as managers, artists, and organizations we are in a place to be a vehicle for social change. That’s pretty ambitious but so am I. I was beyond excited – and honored – when Betsy approached me about joining forces. I’m not one to shy away from change or challenge so after our summer discussions, I felt this made good business sense – We share a similar approach, work ethic and dedication to our field and our roster artists complement each other. It is also a way for Piccadilly Arts, the business, to grow. Moreover, Betsy has been a wonderful mentor to me this past year and I know she’ll continue to be a sounding board as things transition and move forward.

Please feel free to contact either or both of us:

Betsy: 315-402-9809 | betsy@betsydubois.com
Chrissie: 267-671-7451 | chrissie@piccadillyarts.com | http://piccadillyarts.com

Please take the time to visit all of our pages. You will find an assortment of video streams, audio, photos, and promotional material to help familiarize yourself with our artists.